Frequently Asked Questions

In recent years there has been a growing awareness of the problems surrounding plastic. We cannot simply recycle our way out of this plastic pollution crisis. We need solutions based around reuse and refill and this is where The Refill Machine comes in.

By using The Refill Machine not only are you are reducing your plastic consumption but you are also reducing waste as you can buy as much or as little as you need.

All liquid refills are priced per 100grams. By and large 100g is about the same as 100mls.

If unsure about how much you need have a look at the size of various items around your house. For example lets say the average container of hand soap is 500mls. You would then order 500g of hand soap.

We operate a bit like a milkman so all liquid refills are delivered in repurposed glass bottles which you can decant and use. Upon your next delivery we will collect your empties and replace them with your new order.

Maintain good hygiene standards with enhanced cleaning protocols, frequent handwashing, and use of hand sanitiser. 

Closed loop system is the process by which waste is collected, reused over and over again to create new products. Effectively, the waste does a full circle without having a negative impact on the environment.

We work with Miniml who deliver, collect and refill every container they provide to a customer to create a zero waste solution to cleaning, laundry and personal care products. 

We use a number of different suppliers to source our products ensuring they share our values in caring for the planet.

Our household and personal care refills come from Miniml a small family-run business based in Yorkshire that manufactures their own products. All of which are biodegradable, cruelty-free, vegan, safe for septic systems and operate on a closed-loop refill system.

Most of our cleaning utensils come from EcoLiving an environmentally friendly company committed to operating consciously and sustainably. They specialise in products that are plastic-free and vegan and also plant trees for every product sold.

We also source items from a number of local businesses who create zero waste and ethical products.

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