Naked Sprout Bamboo Toilet Roll- Box of 48


A box of 48 unbleached bamboo toilet rolls.

Out of stock

Tree-free toilet roll made from bamboo- the world’s fastest growing plant.

  • 100% sustainable bamboo
  • No bleach, scents, plastic or nasty chemicals
  • Same cost per sheet as leading brands
  • Extra long, soft 2ply rolls with 320 sheets (most supermarket brands have around 180-200 sheets)
  • 100% plastic free packaging- comes in a cardboard board
  • Every box of toilet roll gives a child in Kenya safe water at school for 1 year through the Just A Drop charity

Why bamboo?

  • Absorbs 5 times more carbon dioxide than trees
  • Produces 35% more oxygen than trees
  •  Maturity is reached within 4-6 years. Trees take 30-60 years
  •  Requires no pesticides or fertilizers – only needs rain water to grow
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